Toshiya Mizuma

水間 寿也


写真と私の経歴 -My career with photography-
大学卒業後 写真専門学校
印刷会社 フォト事業部 アシスタントを経てカメラマン
個人事務所 西 弘志氏 師事
スタジオ事業部 立ち上げに関わり現在に至る
After college, I entered a school of photography.
I became a photographer after working as an assistant in the photography division at a printing company.
I studied under Hiroshi Nishi at his personal office.
I met the CEO of the Decollte group and became a wedding photographer.
I was involved in the start-up of its studio division
ブライダルフォトとは? -What is wedding photography to you?-
人生で一番幸せな瞬間をカタチにする、おふたりと共に創る作品 Creating a work with couples, which gives form to the happiest moment of their lives.
撮るときに大事にしたいこと。想う事。 -What is important when taking photos?-
Making the photoshoot enjoyable. I must, of course, have fun as well.
To add my own unique suggestions when answering the couple’s requests.
To create memories and photos that the couple will be satisfied with for years and decades to come.
メッセージ -Message-
I want to carry out your total photo coordination together, from styling to photoshoot, in order to deliver uncompromising wedding photography.
In any case, I want you to have an enjoyable day that you will always remember.
Please feel free to consult with me about anything. If it is impossible, I will let you know.